Facebook post by Richard Keith Latman

It's funny really when I go back and read the posts on this page and then read your comments. I wax on with advice or thoughts about love, strength and even the positives of being single, and each time I forget the one critical part to everything I ever have told you guys: Belief. Without belief all of the words I write are meaningless because a naysayer can discredit anything just because they have no faith that anything is real. Now before some of you think I'm talking about any one kind of belief lets be clear; I'm talking about all of them. What kinds of belief's are there? I'm so glad you asked :) Existence (A): A very basic and fundamental belief that some given thing exists. The traditional existence belief is the belief in G*d. For existentialists, the belief is in the outer world. If you realize that what we perceive is an internal inference of what happens in the outer world, then our first belief is that what we perceive truly exists. Existence is probably the most basic belief. Thus I believe that the world outside of my mind really exists. Each word that I write has a whole bag of beliefs attached to it. Association (A:B): We understand things in terms of other things. Thus we say A is like B or related to B in some way. You look like your father. A rose is a sort of flower. We also have an entire map within our heads of what we know. Think about something and other things come immediately to mind. Equivalence (A=B): We assume that things are the same, although in reality, everything is different, including two quarters, if you look closely enough. The problem of the equivalence belief is in when we mean 'some parts of A are similar to some parts of B', and then shorten it to 'A is B'. For example, someone might might shout 'You are stupid'. I could then be very upset because I equate all of the possible meanings of "stupid" to all of me when the person who said it was probably only upset with one action or phrase I said. Enaction (A happens): 'Stuff happens' is a common belief that is useful in accepting an imperfect world. We believe in the flow of time and the change of the world around us. Causation (A -> B): We have a constant need to explain how things work, and a part of that explanation is to determine cause. A false form of causal belief is where we correlate two things and assume that because they happen at the same time or in the same place that one causes another. Detectives do this when a 'suspect' was in the same place that a murder happened. Thanks for the psych lesson Richard, but how does this impact us? I've written this post because some of us wonder why, despite all evidence to the contrary, our life doesn't seem to make sense. Is it because of a lack of understanding about how life works? Is it a lack of "belief" or maybe simply a lack of how "belief" is the underpinning of how you can understand anything? Regardless what you think, you know your body has DNA which is the roadmap of how you grow, look and act to some degree. Somewhere in this life there is a roadmap for your life too, and while no doubt you can turn off the highway, the roadmap continues. When you accept that you can influence this path and understand that some things are beyond your control (to a higher power, to the government, to Tony's Chicago Dogs which is closed on Sunday as I found out yesterday), belief becomes as critical as time. You must believe in something to get out of bed and those of us without it simply wander aimlessly into a life of desperation, dependence and (I need another word that starts with D) depression (there it is). You've read a lot and now comes the important part: Life is a series of lessons which help you define what you believe. Facts are things you believe are true, 2+2 is 4 only because you believe it so and anything your gut tells you is based on your experiences. Your mind can only imagine a future based on your knowledge of what's possible and that my friends is what holds you back from getting to the next level in happiness. Belief is what got mankind to the moon, belief is what invented the Internet, religion and the hot dog and belief in what you don't know or think is possible is the key building block to your future. What do you believe in and where is your roadmap taking you? Please don't say only your religion here because you trust in your religion to help you go where in life? That's what I'm after here, not what will enable you only, but how will that belief improve your life... Can't wait to hear your response! Richard P.S. Notice I am no longer alone in the picture? I guess that means I'm no longer single :) World meet Faye, Faye meet World. :)