Facebook post by Richard Keith Latman

So today I'm driving home from my office and the traffic was just stopped. Two lanes on the road in each direction and nobody was moving. To the left of me in an big ole pickup truck was this muscle man beating up his steering wheel in anger, to the right was an older couple obviously yelling at each other. A few people were honking and the energy on the road was, well, I think the only word I can use is rage. I'm not immune to this of course but there was no turn off, no way to go around and no way I was gonna be sucked into the abyss of anger. I turned on my Bluetooth and sucked a little Chainsmokers into the speakers and honestly all was good for me despite the delay. Now, don't get me wrong, if I had a hot date or a hot dog waiting I might have had some anxiety but tonight I was just in my happy place. About 40 minutes later as we inched up I saw why the delay happened; a middle aged man on a bike had been hit by a car and was very hurt, if he was even alive. Someone's dad, son, husband, boss or maybe even grandfather lay in the street and tens if not hundreds of lives were probably going to change forever. While the throngs of motorists fumed at a slight delay in their lives, an entire family had its life changed forever. Some people might be late for supper but certainly some folks will never sit around a dinner table the same way again. I'm not telling the story to brag about being calm, we've all been there when we lose it. I'm relating to you the foolishness of thinking that any of us is an island in this vast sea of life. The days we are so privileged to spend on this planet, with all the inherent issues we feel are so overwhelming at the time, can never be compared to the pain and suffering that others endure. You all know my life has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs and I've read thousands of your stories as well. There are no doubt tough times behind us and in front of us but I ask you to please remember that as surely as the world turns so will your challenges. Some may take years, some hours and a few lucky ones maybe minutes but as long as there is still air in your lungs, fire in your heart and a will to make things better it's all gonna be ok. Please take a moment and pray or think for the man on highway 41 here in Sarasota tonight. I don't know the man, the family or the pain they feel right now but I know that our good will in any form will help them make it though the night and start adjusting to whatever awaits them.